The internationalization projects of many businesses were truncated when COVID-19 became a leading part in the life of society. Consequently, the Government launched a project by which it proposed a post-COVID shock plan to explore internationalization as a pillar in the recovery of business. We show you the most important points of this project, which you can take into account to start the internationalization of your activities.


The ICEX Strategic Plan 2021-2022 is framed as one of the post-COVID shock measures to support the internationalization of companies. The objective is for foreign trade to be a pillar of growth and employment for Spanish SMEs. In circumstances as extraordinary as the current ones, internationalization is a way to boost economic recovery. The ICEX Plan to strengthen foreign trade is based on three fundamental pillars: digitization, sustainability and market diversification as competitive mechanisms that increase the resilience of companies.

Digitization is a sign of competitiveness and a differentiating factor between companies. Technological development is part of the business reality and that is why the migration to an eCommerce is an important reinforcement for any business. In addition, digitization allows adaptation to mobility restrictions and facilitates the integration of simpler and more agile processes, which translates into added value when expanding into new markets.

Around this objective, ICEX has launched the eMarket Services project to promote digitization and entry into electronic markets for companies. They offer market studies, practical information and an online self-diagnosis for your company, among other services.

Incorporating sustainability into business models is also on the agenda. The environmental impact is a relevant variable when investing or making a purchase decision. This measure not only facilitates the competitiveness of companies, it also promotes environmental strategies in favor of the 2030 Agenda. In an increasingly globalized world, integrating sustainability policies is a fundamental sign of innovation.

To this end, the ICEX Impact + program has been launched, an internationalization initiative committed to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The objective is to design sustainable and inclusive business models to make the leap to foreign trade. The project offers training, advice and support throughout the process. If your company has its own product or service, you have staff and accounts with minimal financial capacity, you can participate in the program. From the Qualitax Alliance Member Offices they can guide you in your strategy with professionals located in the destination countries, preparing an initial diagnosis and a business strategy.

Market diversification
This point is a competitive mechanism that, in these unusual circumstances, can be one of the fundamental pillars for companies. Thanks to the expansion of international electronic markets, it is becoming easier to find opportunities to expand your business abroad. The objective of the Plan is to promote diversification in high potential markets and key sectors according to each business.

In favor of this purpose, the organization has announced the ICEX Next initiative. It is a program that includes advice and financing of up to € 20,000 to promote the internationalization of Spanish SMEs. In this way, they can improve their competitiveness and diversify both their market and business risk.

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